Join us for PROGRAMMATIC I/O San Francisco April 4-5, 2017

AdExchanger's 2016 PROGRAMMATIC I/O conference in San Francisco is now complete. Over 1000 marketing executives representing top brands, media agencies, publishers and tech providers joined AdExchanger for this two day event, making it the world's largest conference focused entirely on programmatic media and marketing.


Amit Ahuja

Head of Audience and Planning


Fernando Arriola

VP Marketing

ConAgra Foods

Susan Athey

Economics of Technology Professor

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Vincent Bareges

Director of Publisher Development


Barry Bennett

Former Campaign Manager for Dr. Ben Carson, Partner

BKM Strategies

Shaina Boone

Managing Director, Marketing Sciences


Sandro Catanzaro

Co-Founder & Senior Vice President of Analytics and Innovation


Randy Cohen

President and COO

Advertiser Perceptions

Kristy Cook

Product Marketing Manager

Facebook Ad Tech

Yannis Dosios

Vice President, Platform & Exchange


Rick Ducey

Managing Director


John Ebbert

Executive Editor & CEO


Rick Erwin

President, Audience Solutions Division


Aaron Fetters

Senior Vice President, Marketing Solutions


Alison Gensheimer

VP, Digital Marketing

Wells Fargo

Quentin George

Co-Founder & Principal


Jonah Goodhart

CEO and Co-Founder


Rudy Grahn

VP Strategist, Customer Success Team


James Hercher



Jonathan Hsia

Managing Partner, Head of Digital Investment

Mindshare NA

Steve Ireland

SVP/MD, Head of Digital Channel Marketing

JPMorgan Chase

Ryan Joe

Senior Editor


Erik Johnson

Head of Atlas


Richard Joyce

Senior Analyst


Mike Kisseberth

Chief Revenue Officer


Jim Kiszka

Senior Manager, KNA, Digital Media

Kellogg Company

Kyle Lebet

Associate Digital Media Director


Jordan Lieberman

Politics & Public Affairs Lead

Audience Partners LLC

Paul Limbrey

Director, Platforms, Americas


Mark Mahaney

Managing Director

RBC Capital Markets

Andy Main

Chief Executive

Deloitte Digital

Kevin Mannion

Chief Strategy Officer

Advertiser Perceptions

Justin Moreno

VP, Solutions Consulting

Publicis Media

Paul Muret

Vice President, Display and Video Ads & Analytics


Eric Myers

Vice President, Advertising

Cox Media Group, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Joanna O’Connell

Chief Marketing Officer


Kathy O’Dowd

Global Director of Programmatic Partnership and Channel Development


Nicolle Pangis

Global Chief Operating Officer


Nerali Patel

Head of Strategy and Partnerships


Anthony Psacharopoulos

Executive Vice President


Aaron Radin

Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Portfolio Products


Katie Risch

SVP Software Client Solutions


Zach Rodgers

Managing Editor


Glenn Roginski

Director, Media & Connections - Pharmaceuticals

Johnson & Johnson

Chip Schenck

VP of Programmatic & Audience Solutions

Meredith Corporation

Art Schram

VP, Product


Jeremy Sigel

Director of Mobile, North America


Sarah Sluis

Associate Editor


Jon Suarez-Davis

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer


Kelly Uphoff

Director of Experimentation and Algorithms for Growth and Targeting


Jim Walsh

Co-Founder & CEO


Michelle Weiskittel

Manager, Digital Media Marketing

Albertsons Safeway

Randy Wootton


Rocket Fuel Inc.

Mike Zaneis

President & CEO



The comprehensive two-day experience at PROGRAMMATIC I/O includes access to Programmatic Essentials workshops, attendee lounges, ample networking opportunities and complimentary refreshments throughout.

Wednesday, April 13



Hosted by BidSwitch


Forrester Workshop: Marketers And Ad Tech – Then And Now

“Programmatic Media Buying Matures – 2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back”

The second ANA/Forrester survey on programmatic media buying shows remarkable growth in this practice in the past two years. Respondents anticipate future growth and the evolution of different programmatic buying models for different media. But a lack of transparency and the prevalence of fraudulent impressions still plague the industry. This workshop will highlight key findings from the ANA/Forrester survey, the 2015 DSP Wave online survey, and the 2015 DMP Wave online survey.


9:00 AM – 9:40 AM: Presentation

Richard Joyce, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.


9:40 AM – 10:20 AM: Panel Session

Quentin George, Co-Founder & Principal, UNBOUND

Art Schram, VP Supply Platforms, Accuen

Joanna O’Connell, Chief Marketing Officer, MediaMath

Amit Ahuja, Head of Audience & Planning, Adobe

Rudy Grahn, VP Data Strategy, Neustar

Paul Alfieri, SVP Marketing, Turn


10:20 AM – 10:30 AM: Audience Q&A

Networking Break

comScore Workshop: Using Data To Drive ROI On Programmatic

Issues with ad delivery have taken an undeniable toll on the digital media industry, costing billions of dollars in wasted advertising budgets – and causing disillusionment among marketers and agencies alike. Nowhere has this had more impact than programmatic, a digital frontier that promises great campaign efficiencies, but faces an uphill battle to prove the quality of its ad delivery. In this workshop, hear from comScore about how clients are using new forms of data to activate their campaigns, and join a special roundtable discussion to learn best practices for partnering to improve campaign automation, optimization and, ultimately, advertising outcomes.


11:00 AM – 11:40 AM: Presentation by comScore

Anthony Psacharopoulos, Executive Vice President, comScore


11:40 AM – 12:20 PM: Panel Presentation

Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Krux

Jim Kiszka, Senior Manager, Digital Media, Kellogg Company

Aaron Fetters, Senior Vice President, Marketing Solutions, comScore


12:20 PM – 12:30 PM: Audience Q & A

Networking Lunch

BIA Kelsey Workshop: Programmatic and the Power Brew of Marketing to Local Audiences

Brand marketers see increasingly effective campaign results with localized campaigns leveraging ad tech and martech platforms. Part of the secret sauce of driving lift in campaigns is what BIA/Kelsey calls the “power brew” mix of local video, mobile and social marketing combined with the audience targeting and dynamic creative optimization enabled by content management systems, ad ops platforms and programmatic platforms and exchanges. We’ll cover a review of the current status and dynamic directions where we see things headed. We’ll also highlight our forecast for advertising spending to show how this addressable market is growing, and share our insights about the challenges and opportunities in local programmatic and provide a set of recommendations for marketers.


1:30 PM – 1:45 PM: BIA/Kelsey Analyst POV

Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA/Kelsey


1:45 PM – 2:05 PM: 22Squared Case Study

Kyle Lebet, Associate Digital Media Director, 22squared


2:05 PM – 2:25 PM: Yashi/Essence Case Study

Nerali Patel, Head of Strategy & Partnerships, Yashi

Jeremy Sigel, Director of Mobile, North America, Essence


2:25 PM – 2:45 PM: Centro/Cox Case Study

Katie Risch, SVP Software Client Solutions, Centro

Eric Myers, VP Advertising, Atlanta Journal Constitution/Cox


2:45 PM – 3:00 PM: Audience Q&A

Networking Break

Advertiser Perceptions Workshop: What Buyers and Sellers Really Want in Ad Tech….

What do the leading advertisers, agencies and sellers really want from ad tech brands? Advertiser Perceptions will share current findings from a new, comprehensive study of top buyers and sellers looking at what the market right now is seeking from programmatic providers, what problems they are solving—and need to solve, and who they see as leading the way in general and by key category: DSP, DMP, SSP, Publisher Private Marketplaces—and those ad tech brands that have a full stack solution.


3:30 PM – 4:00 PM: Programmatic Intelligence Report Highlights

Randy Cohen, President & COO, Advertiser Perceptions


4:00 PM – 4:50 PM: Panel Discussion

Randy Wootton, CEO, Rocket Fuel Inc.

Yannis Dosios, VP Platform & Exchange, Yahoo

Justin Moreno, VP Solutions Consulting, Publicis Media

Kristy Cook, Product Marketing Manager, Facebook Ad Tech

Paul Limbrey, Director, Platforms, Americas, Google

Jonathan Hsia, Managing Partner, Head of Digital Investment, Mindshare NA

Kevin Mannion, Chief Strategy Officer, Advertiser Perceptions


4:50 PM – 5:00 PM: Audience Q&A

Industry Welcome Party Hosted by Tapad

Join AdExchanger, Tapad and your industry peers for our big Programmatic Industry Welcome Party. Your workshop or full conference pass is good for admission. Enjoy premium cocktails at our open bar, a sumptuous food spread, music, and breathtaking views of San Francisco as we celebrate Programmatic I/O.

Industry Welcome Party hosted by Tapad: 5:00 to 7:30, 32nd Floor, Westin St. Francis

Thursday, April 14



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Hosted by Tremor Video


John Ebbert, Executive Editor & CEO, AdExchanger

Becoming The Data-Driven Marketer

Alison Gensheimer will share programmatic advertising best practices and challenges from the advertisers point of view. Today’s programmatic landscape is currently changing; in this presentation Alison will cover topics from selecting the partners and support models to meet your needs, to navigating the many inventory sources (deal types) and the pros and cons of channel consolidation (i.e. Programmatic TV).

Alison Gensheimer, VP, Digital Marketing, Wells Fargo

The Vision For The Brand And Automation

Coming from his engineering role at the search giant, Paul Muret has most recently taken over the ad stack vision for Google as it plows ahead in programmatic. In this fireside chat with AdExchanger’s John Ebbert, Muret discusses programmatic today and his company’s vision for the future.

Paul Muret, Vice President, Display and Video Ads & Analytics, Google

John Ebbert, Executive Editor & CEO, AdExchanger

Programmatic Wall Street

Mark Mahaney provides a look through the Wall Street lens at online advertising and programmatic media.

Mark Mahaney, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets

Header Bidding: What Is It? What’s The Latest?

Sellers have begun using with a new(-ish) technology approach called “header bidding” that allows exchanges to bring in demand before the ad server call. Programmatic media executives will discuss its implications for marketers and the wider ecosystem.

Vincent Bareges, Director, Publisher Development, Amnet

Mike Kisseberth, Chief Revenue Officer, Purch

Chip Schenck, VP Programmatic Sales & Strategy, Meredith Corporation

Sarah Sluis, Associate Editor, AdExchanger – Moderator

Morning Break

Hosted By Tremor Video

A Case For Programmatic TV

NBCUniversal’s Aaron Radin, Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Portfolio Products, leads a presentation on the media company’s recently announced NBCUx for Linear TV platform. From the concept of data-automated television to client demand for the product, this presentation will discuss what this means for how media companies, marketers and agencies target their audiences.

Aaron Radin, SVP Partnerships & Portfolio Products, NBCUniversal

TV Ads Are Becoming Like Internet Ads. Not So Fast!

Rick Erwin will share a look at the landscape for programmatic TV and how data can be used to help you bridge the gap between TV and online.  And, most importantly, how you can do that today!

Rick Erwin, President, Audience Solutions Division, Acxiom

The Value Of True Incrementality In Marketing

Marketing measurement: we’re still doing it wrong. Netflix will talk about the increasing role and necessity of incrementality-based decisions in advertising via true A/B tests and incrementality-based bidding & targeting algorithms. Learn about solutions for today and what marketers need to demand of the future.

Kathy O’Dowd, Global Director of Programmatic Partnership and Channel Development, Netflix

Kelly Uphoff, Director of Experimentation and Algorithms for Growth and Targeting, Netflix


Hosted by Inneractive

Designing Online Marketplaces

Professor Susan Athey’s recent research has focused on the design of auction-based marketplaces and the economics of the internet, primarily on online advertising and the economics of the news media. She’ll share her findings and how it may relate to events in the coming year.

Susan Athey, Economics of Technology Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Fraud, Viewability and Beyond

In this update on issues in the supply chain, executives tackle some of the biggest challenges in programmatic media as the viewability debate remains strong and fraud in programmatic continues to morph.

Nicolle Pangis, Global Chief Operating Officer, Xaxis

Shaina Boone, Managing Director, Marketing Sciences, OMD USA

Jonah Goodhart, CEO & C0-Founder, Moat

Mike Zaneis, President & CEO, TAG – Moderator


Sight, Sound & Motion Is Still Alive: How Programmatic Is Helping TV Thrive

Without a doubt, TV enables marketers to deliver a rich story to a broad swath of consumers. But until recently, headlines have been heavy with claims that television is dead or on the fast-track to a depressing demise. The rapid rise of Programmatic TV connects the benefits of sight, sound and motion with big data to combine the best of the TV and digital advertising worlds. Join Fernando Arriola, VP Marketing at ConAgra Foods, and Sandro Catanzaro, Co-Founder and SVP of Analytics & Innovation at DataXu, as they discuss the vast opportunities and latent challenges PTV has in store for marketers in 2016.

Fernando Arriola, VP Marketing, ConAgra Foods

Sandro Catanzaro, Co-Founder and SVP of Analytics and Innovation, DataXu



Programmatic Politics

With each presidential campaign cycle, digital ad spending grows by leaps and bounds as efficient audience targeting takes center stage. This panel of political ad experts takes a look at the current state of political advertising in digital and where programmatic is fitting in – and what’s left to conquer.

Jordan Lieberman, Politics & Public Affairs Lead, Audience Partners LLC

Jim Walsh, Founder & CEO, DSPolitical

Barry Bennett, Former Campaign Manager for Dr. Ben Carson, & Partner, BKM Strategies

James Hercher, Reporter, AdExchanger – Moderator

Afternoon Break

Hosted By Tremor Video

Fireside Chat With Facebook’s Atlas Head Erik Johnson

Fireside Chat with Facebook’s Head of Atlas.

Erik Johnson, Head of Atlas, Facebook

Zach Rodgers, Managing Editor, AdExchanger

Tracking Offline Conversions

The promise of programmatic extends offline, too, and today’s marketers are finding that the sledding can be tough when trying to understand conversions of customers influenced by online programmatic campaigns. Hear from several of today’s leading edge marketers who are looking to track customer conversions offline and online.

Steve Ireland, SVP/MD, Head of Digital Channel Marketing, JPMorgan Chase

Michelle Weiskittel, Manager, Digital Media Marketing, Albertsons Safeway

Glenn Roginski, Director, Media & Connections, Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson

Ryan Joe, Senior Editor, AdExchanger – Moderator

Fireside Chat with Deloitte Digital Chief Executive Andy Main

Deloitte Digital’s Chief Executive Andy Main will discuss a range of topics relevant to today’s programmatic marketer, including how agencies are adapting to today’s data-rich landscape, what advertisers should be thinking about, how publishing is evolving and more.

Andy Main, Chief Executive, Deloitte Digital

Zach Rodgers, Managing Editor, AdExchanger

Happy Hour

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Tracking Offline Conversions
Header Bidding: What Is It? What’s The Latest?
A Case For Programmatic TV
Programmatic Wall Street
Becoming The Data-Driven Marketer
Fraud, Viewability and Beyond