October 25-26, 2017

AdExchanger’s 2016 PROGRAMMATIC I/O conference in New York set new records with more than 1200 people in attendance at what was, without doubt, the world’s largest programmatic media and marketing event ever. In 2017, the bar will be even higher. AdExchanger is already planning for the next conference, and registration is open now, for those who already know they have to be at this must-attend event.

Details of the agenda and the 50+ expert speakers will be announced in 2017, but we can tell you that this year’s conference will feature a choice of two options for day 1 of the conference:

Programmatic Essentials Workshop

Explore the strategy of programmatic with leading edge thinkers as they bring to life key elements of programmatic media and how best to solve for the data-driven digital future of advertising and marketing.

Programmatic Ops Talks

The bubbling core of any programmatic ad strategy is rigorous operational strategy and the effective use of technology. If you are interested in refining your company’s “ops" excellence as it relates to programmatic – and getting much deeper into its technical aspects – this is for you.

See Last Year’s Event

Early registration for PROGRAMMATIC I/O New York 2017 is now open.


Choice A: $1,995

Programmatic Essentials Workshops on Day 1 + Day 2

Choice B: $1,995

Programmatic Ops talks on Day 1 + Day 2

Choice C: $1,595

Day 2 Only

All tickets include Welcome Party on Day 1, October 25, 2017






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Progio NYC 2017


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April 4-5, 2017, San Francisco

 January 17-18, 2018, NYC